Thursday, February 17, 2011

my creative space.....

hi all!!

as prompted by nadia i thought i would join in too. havent posted any pics of my scrappin space EVER!

I share the study with my hubby, he has his desk n i have mine. we were lucky enough to find my desk in the paper which is nearly identical to the one we already had. it fits it purpose sooo well as it is soooo big!

like nadia i have to put everything back in its place before i can start a fresh layout. everything has its place whether it be out of an icecream or takeaway container. after i have done a layout my desk is an absolute mess not too mention the snowy looking carpet!!

so here it goes... ekkk!!! enjoy!!!

my desk as looking from the door.

some otp creations and current fav lo's & my trusty VERY OLD sewing machine

my workspace.... from left, xyron, pin up board, adhesives, tapes, pots with my scissors n pens etc in, then lil tub for my distresser, handy punches, erasers, inks in the metal tin, pic of my hubby, twine etc in the red box, then buttons, brads on top of that, then the icecream containers hold my bling, chipboard, and other bits n bops.

my hanging rack from ikea. love to have things handy!! the twine up there i got from bunnings for around $3.50 for 60metres!!!!! love it!! then on the shelf about is (from left) spare pics in the purple tin, then mists below that and flowers in the yellow box, my alphas are in the big white box and my texture stuff is in the orange box.

and here are a few lil gift tags i made the other day.......

have had on Dr Phil while typing this.... all about teen suicide n bullying! it is soooo sad how our kids go out to school and other places and have to deal with this grief and pain. i hope my lil boy grows up to be nice to everybody and if he does get bullied he can talk to me about it. i feel for all the kids who have to go through this struggle. it must break their parents hearts knowing this is happening.


anita xxo


  1. Hi Anita, thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. Wow, only scrapping for 1 year!!!! Your work is gorgeous :)And a nice & clean scrappy area, don't think I am game to share my pics.....LOL :)

  2. Hi Anita! THANKS so so much for sharing your space with us and for taking part in my challenge. Its fun to do something different sometimes hey? So now I can image where all the gorgeousness comes from. :o) P.S. So So true what you said about bullying...I think as a teacher, I have seen the effects first hand and have seen how bullying can affect the most bright and talented students. Because the bottom line is we all want to me accepted..even from babies. And that doesnt change just cause we are older either. Kids feel it so strongly and I am so sensitive to that...Its my biggest worry for my girls..above acedemic achievements etc etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts..Have I told you that I think your scrapping is you only need to do MORE cause I really would like to see more...LOL..! Bye!

  3. I love looking at other people's scrap spaces, so thanks for sharing yours. I am like you, I usually always clean everything up after a LO before I can start a fresh one (although I must admit after the last couple I haven't and I am hating my space right now! LOL) Love those gorgeous gift tags you made too, especially the one with the bright orange flower! XXX

  4. haha wow look how tidy that is ;)

  5. Oh, your space is so pretty and tidy!!! I watched that episode of Dr. Phil too... I'm the same, it's my biggest worry. My eldest boy has recently been diagnosed with mild autism and will be starting school next year. I joke about home schooling him, but I'm honestly so scared to death about sending him to school. I was bullied at school (nothing too serious thankfully) and really think it has affected me as an adult... I just don't understand bullies at all!


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