Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ok - here it goes!!

Hi ya all!

I am absolutely new to blogging - so please bear with me!

I thought I would create a blog to showcase some of my scrapbooking pages because I love looking at everyone elses ideas ~~~

I am only new to scrapbooking, only really started at end of Jan 2010. I am loving experimenting with all the fabulous products!

This is the 2nd page I completed. It is of my lil sister n her husband. The colours of the paper really highlight her down to a T - the musky pink.... gotta luv it,

Not sure how to rotate this pic... will work it out soon - also still learning the best way to photo my LO's will get there eventually..... photography is the weak part of my scrapbooking....

With this page I didn't want to overdo it. If I was to describe her style, it would be simple n smart n beautiful.

I found out the other day 15th May I won the Challenge Pack at my local scrap shop Just Scrapbooking! YAY!!! could not believe it - have already spent my winnings (doesnt take long...). I will post a pic of it soon. The shop has rights to it for a certain amount of time (I hope not too long, because I forgot to photograph it myself first!).

This page is of my mum n my gorgeous son nathan. It is my first time at using the colour sprays, this one is an antique gold colour. I love doing the distressed look, so there are a lot of 'ruffed up' edges. I am one to take it right to the edge and i am not too scared to take it all the way (if u know what i mean?).

Anyways PLEASE follow my blog!! would love heaps of followers (in a good way of course - hehe).

I am hoping in participating in many of the online monthly challenges to get my work out there. I love designing with anything...... once won a State Art Competition for Amnesty International for my art n design concept.

To end the blog here are a 5 quick questions......
Favourite Food?: Chocolate
Favourite Restaurant?: Sandrinos
Natural Hair Colour?: Red
Tea/Coffee?: Coffee wins hands down
Shower/Bath?: Shower - but love a bath on a cold winter day!!

Have fun!!

Neatz xox


  1. I'm new too started last month I do scrapbooking and cards.Love all the detail on your LO, the hand made flowers and stitching look fabulous and Nathan a cutie.

  2. Welcome to bloggerland!! Wow, your pages are lovely! Love the clustering on the bottom one :-)... will be glad to follow your blog - thanks for visiting mine :-) Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh I should add, I am so NOT computer savvy, I can't even get my pic on anyone's followers list... I am just that weird blob at the end. Hehehe


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