Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Blog Design!!!!! come and have a peak!!!

Hello, hello!!! welcome to my new, fresh, fun, & artsy blog design!!!!!
The most talented girl ever.... Em Stafrace has been busy busy designing this for me. I gave her a few ideas of what I wanted and she came up with the rest AND I love what she has done! She even came up with the idea to incorporate my own handwriting. So all the handwritten text.... well that's me! :)
Just awesome Em, you are a star!!! thank you!
My new blog title '7PM' comes from the time of day that I think all parents can relate to.... I really look forward to some peace to sit down and chill for a bit..... well, until the next day anyway.
So without further ado, to celebrate my new look blog I am having a giveaway!!
So please stay tuned and become a follower of mine to hear all about it!!! I will post the giveaway within the next week and it's going to be a beauty (Aussie slang for a big one).... !!!!
Hope you like the new look blog!!!..... and I can not wait to start sharing more of my creations here!!!



  2. A gorgeous fun design, love it.

  3. Looks fab Anita. Em did both my blogs for me & I am really happy with them too. She certainly does great work.
    Cheers Di

  4. Your new blog is AWESOME!!! And yes, I can relate to 7pm...although for me is 9:30pm when I put them in bed! I love your work and I wish you blogged more frequently! Hugsss from Greece!!!

  5. LOVE the new blog, Em is such a talent isn't she. I think it is a great representation of your scrap style too =)

  6. WOW love your style and the blog looks awesome. Just became your newest follower and CONGRATS on becoming a MASTER I can see why. Looking forward to visiting more often xx

  7. congrats girlfriend! on the new blog (LOVE LOVE it totally you) and congrats on becoming a scrapbooking memories master! I think I did say if you enter you will win!! haha Well now you bought me back to blog land haven't been here for about 5 months!

  8. Love the new blog - it looks amazing. Congrats as being named a scrapbooking memories master - looking forward to a great year. Kaye


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